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Splitter’s PR is the best option for all your Carbon Fiber Accessory needs!

Rear diffusers

 A rear diffuser is the key to having a uniquely modified car.  It adds the much-needed aggressive styling to the rear of your vehicle. Splitter’s PR carries a huge selection of diffusers for BMW, Audi, Mercedes and more!

Front bumper canards

Corvette C8 Body Kit

Carbon Fiber Accessories are the perfect addition to any car to give it that aesthetic edge over the competition.

Custom carbon works

Custom carbon fiber car parts that come with the standard features of durability, strength, longevity and appearance. We make carbon fiber under our highly innovative techniques, to offer our clients the best and most efficient car parts and performance parts on the market.

Carbon Fiber Repairs

Carbon Fiber Repair Service offers cost effective results over a full component replacement. Bumpers, Splitters, Side Skirts and Diffusers are very vulnerable to unforeseen road damage, in Splitter’s PR we can help you.